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Throwing out the rod to catch the most beautiful and largest carp, in a green and quiet environment, while enduring a relaxed atmosphere… Is this possible close to home? Certainly! Not only for the more advanced sport fisherman, but also for beginners we offer the ideal fishing spot to practice the fishing sport and to relax in The Netherlands. Our safari tents, sanitation and canteen contribute to that real holiday feeling, but also certainly for the necessary convenience! This isn’t a surivival holiday where you are dependent on nature: this is pure enjoyment.

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The possibilities

A passion for carp fish

It may not come as a surprise: we, from Carpdistrict Walenhoek have a passion for carp! In our lake you will find the Hungarian carp, which we selected with much expertise and accuracy. Curious about our story and our carp?

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Luxury Safari Tents

Fully equipped

We have 4 different locations which hold one two-person safari tent per location. Take a break peacefully on you own or in pairs? Or are you looking for a relaxing holiday destination with a group? You can rent a spot as a pair or multiple spots as a group. There are a lot of different possibilities for all of our guests!

Hungarian Carp

The only one of its kind in the Netherlands!

At Carpdistrict you can fish for the most beautiful carp of The Netherlands. We have carefully selected them an transported them from Hungary to the Netherlands. Besides, this is the only spot in the whole of The Netherlands where you can fish for these type of carp!

Experienced fisherman or beginner?

Fishing without a fishing license

When you stay with us, you don’t need a license! This is also exactly in line with our vision, because we think that everyone should be able to enjoy a relaxing fishing holiday. This is how we offer beginners the chance to get a taste of it and make a relaxing start into the fishing sport, without being under a magnifying glass.

Fish for the most beautiful carp while you are provided with all necessary conveniences?