About Carpdistrict Walenhoek

Passion for Carp fishing

Carpdistrict Walenhoek is an initiative of Jos Tilleman: keen sport fisherman and nature and adventure lover The fishing sport has been taken in with mother’s milk and has grown into a large passion for carp. Having crossed through many European countries, Jos gained a lot of experience with fishing holidays and various types of carp. The Hungarian carp had always been remembered by him and he chose it as the most beautiful carp for his fishing spots in Walenhoek.

Rent a fishing spot for carpfishing

What makes carp so special?

Carp fishing is popular! Why? Carp are big, strong fish, which makes the fishing sport even more exciting and eventful. They can grow up to 1,25m and weigh up to 45 kg. Carp live in stil or slow moving water and can adapt well to new circumstances. That is why you can find carp in various waters in The Netherlands.. But not our carp! Our Hungarian carp are the only one of its kind in The Netherlands.

Carp Fishing in comfort

Fully equipped!

There are of course enough beautiful camping spots in The Netherlands, but Carpdistrict differentiates itself by location, services and carp. The beautiful sight of Walenhoek is green and calming, the services are clean and easy, the carp are unique in The Netherlands. With all those elements is Carpdistrict able to offer a relaxing fishing holiday near home.

Read about our possibilities

1 week

You can take a week off at Carpdistrict Walenhoek, without going far away from home!

4 Locations

We offer four different location for carp fishing in Walenhoek. All the locations are equally beautiful and do not compete with each other.

Safari tent for two persons

Rent a safari tent for a holiday on your own or in pairs, or rent multiple safari tents for a group.

Fish for the most beautiful carp while you are provided with all necessary conveniences?